Vintage Capital Group is an investment firm founded in 2000 by highly successful business executive and investor, Mr. Fred Sands. After establishing and successfully building Fred Sands Realtors into one of the largest real estate and financial services firms in the United States (7th largest), Mr. Fred Sands successfully exited this business in a merger with Coldwell Banker and formed Vintage Capital Group. With a capital base in excess of $150 million available to deploy opportunistically, Vintage Capital brings decades of successful investment and operating expertise to create and build value over a wide variety of opportunities.

Mr. Fred Sands personal investments over the years have resulted in a return on capital in excess of an 8x cash multiple, a strong testament to the business acumen and experience covering multiple decades and having successfully navigated multiple economic downturns. Mr. Sands also founded Vintage Fund Management and Vintage Real Estate.

Carla Sands was named Chairman and CEO of Vintage Capital Group following Fred's death in October 2015.